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Our farmers have become real owners of fields because of independence. Farmers fed soils having deep affection for them whereas the soil did not spare its kindness from agriculturists.

Prosperous projects are being carried out to reform, modernize the sphere of agriculture and to introduce new advanced technologies so as to expand agriculture. As a result, new soils are being exploited to plant a mass quantity of various foods including vegetables and grain. Like other spheres, in the field of farm, several marvelous achievements have been attained since independence owing to the fact that The President of Uzbekistan; Islom Karimov devoted a particular attention to form farms in the early years of independence. The function of farms is advancing year by year. We can easily notice the fact that our farmers are enormous positive driving factors to develop our economy which can be witnessed by dissecting the fields of cotton industry, grain and others. Giving lands as a prolonged credit property and implementing market relationships in villages are vital basis and aspect of establishing as well as progressing farms. The share of farmers is 95.5 % when it comes to providing village related industry such as various types of food. Supporting and strengthening farms together with providing all conditions in order to let farmers perform independently have become prime concern of the government’s policy. This concept can be proved by mentioning the fact that over thirty decrees and decisions, approximately ten laws and four codes have been issued by the first President of Uzbekistan, I. Karimov and our government. Due to flourishing economic operations, farms have been established instead of collective farms which were ceased in early years of independence. 5430 farms are performing currently in the Republic of Karakalpakistan. Currently, the numbers of farms which are occupied in the fields of cotton-grain (1), vegetables and cultivation of melons as well as cucumber (2), livestock breeding and raising (3), gardening and grape (4), grain and vegetables (5) and others (6) are 3682 (1), 321 (2), 377 (3), 514 (4), 326 (5), 210 (6) respectively. 288898 hector lands is given for these farms, the number of people who work on those farms is 12490.

This year (2016) a new prominent schedule has been approved to advance various branches-included farms in the Republic of Karakalpakistan. Its aim is composed of changing 748 farms to various branches-included farms. 433 various branches-included farms have been established by July this year (2016) 429 farms out of them have been given privilege credits. The Resolution, which was made by The President of Uzbekistan on 12th of April in 2016 on "Developing the system of purchasing and utilizing fruits and vegetables, potatoes” in order to provide internal market with vegetables, potatoes, and fruit products each year, in addition, so as to expand exporting various fresh food and multiplying its types, is the prime concern. Several commitments are being carried out in accordance with that Order in the Republic of Karakalpakistan. These kinds of means give us opportunity to provide security of people’s food as well as expanding exporting our precious food together with stabling our country’s position in the globe in terms of exporting food.

Allambergan JUMANIYOZOV,

The Correspondent of the web site www.amunews.uz.

Translated from Uzbek into English by Ulugbek Yusupov.

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