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The great Karakalpak nation’s poem writer Berdimurod Kargaboy’s son Berdakh’s birthday is widely celebrated in our country on November 27 every year. Wonderful events are particularly held in social and educational places, regions and cities of the Karakalpakistan. Patterns of his poems and novels are read. Berdakh’s name really changes not only karakalpak heart, but also all Turkish nation’s proud.

According to historical facts, Berdakh was born in 1827 in Bo’zatov region near the Orolbo’yi. When he was a child, he was interesting literature. He was fond of learning proverbs, sings and novels of karakalpak. He went to rural school after he studied at Karakum Eshon madrasah that was one of the large educational places in the same time. He was eager to learning religious and moral subjects as well as Alisher Navoiy, Abdurahmon Fuzuliy, Abdulqodir Bedil, Fariduddin Ator, Maxtumquli, Sofi Ollayor and others’ poems’ life and works. There are some pieces of Berdakh’s poems:

            "Chor kitob” dan tura qochdim

            Navoiyidan savod ochdim.

            Fuzuliydan durlar sochdim.

            Dilyorlarni izlar edim.

Berdakh was able to sing in his poets about his nation’s troubles. He has got "Aqimbet”, " Shajara”, "Oydo’s Bobo”, "Amangeldi”, "Ernazarbiy”, "Xorazm” novels that were shown life and customs of karakalpak nation in 19 centuries. Learning Berdakh’s works about policy situations, social circumstances happened in Orolboyi was important at the same age. Berdakh’s poem called "Muca Baxshiga” has got over 20 singers’ names of nations. Experts said that Berdakh was a singer of big tales and was able to play the dutor as well as sing poets and novels. He had patriotism, generosity and friendship feelings. He claimed his fellow people to be learned science, cooperation and solidarity during his all life. He always spread so much courage, patient and fortitude that our country improved its life standards. Learning Berdakh’s works and looking for his typescripts started at 30 years of the last century. Thus, his poems and novels were published at mother tongue, after they were published at different languages. His life and works were deep entered for learning. When our country achieved independence, Berdakh’s life and works were entirely changed. According to our President’s order, Berdimurod Kargaboy’s son Berdakh’s birthday was widely celebrated 180 years’ in 1998. Berdakh national museum near the Karakalpak state University called Berdakh was built too. Nowadays this museum is one of the best educational areas. These days over 3.000 artifacts about history and literature of orolboyi nation are saved in there. Having musical instruments, historical clothes, expensive typescripts and Berdakh’s precious books are essential in there.

(Photo by ijod.uz)

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